American Idol Finale Party 2010

American Idol Finale Event Menu
May 26, 2010

Classic American

with a Twist

Tray Passed Appetizers


Mini “Morning Star” Pigs in a Blanket

with Heinz Ketchup & Mustard

Batter Dipped Chicken Fingers & Sweet Potato Chips

Served with Pineapple BBQ Sauce

Served in Paper Logo Cups

Tiny Twice Baked Stuffed Red Potatoes

With Asparagus & Asiago Cheese

Deep Fried White Truffle Cheddar Mac & Cheese

with Tiny Forks

Traditional Monte Cristo’s

with Currant Jam

Mini Three Cheese Pizzas & Wild Mushroom Pizzas

Philly Steak Sandwich with Caramelized Onions

Passed at 10-11pm on Red Carpet

Tator Tots, Onion Rings & Fried Zucchini Stix

served with Ketchup & Cool Ranch Dressing

Menu 1


AuthenticShredded ChickenMini Soft Corn Tacos

Served with Diced Onion & Cilantro & Salsa Rojo

wrapped in Logo Paper

Grilled Blue Claw Crab & Wild Salmon Cakes

with Roasted Corn & Tomatillo Relish

Southwestern Lasagna Towers

Jicama, Citrus & Papaya Salad

with Romaine Hearts & Sweet Cilantro Dressing

Three Color Cabbage Slaw, Sundried Tomato & Early Spring Peas

tossed with Mango Poppy Seed Dressing & Crispy Leek Garnish

Petit Tostadas


Roasted Corn, Black Bean & Red Pepper Salad

with Cumin Ranch Drizzle

Smokey Sweet Potato Triangles

with Scallion Slivers

Menu 2


Georgia Peach Marinated Grilled Chicken

with Pecan & Peach Compote

Braised Bourbon Short Ribs

Braised in

Bourbon Tomato Sauce and Garnish with Ancho Chili Cream

Caramelized Sweet Onion, Herbed Goat Cheese & Grilled Tomato Panini

Grilled Potato Medley with Watercress & Warm Bacon Dressing

Baby Penne Pasta & Mozzarella Salad


Tri Color Teardrop Tomatoes and Pesto Vinaigrette

Tender Baby Greens Salad with Strawberries, Feta & Candied Pecans

Tossed with a Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

Abundant Display of Grilled Marinated Vegetable Stacks

Glazed with a Mild Smokey Papaya Chipotle Sauce

Assorted Mini’s



Cherry Crunch, Apple Pear Ginger & S’Mores Brownies

Velvety Chocolate Bon Bons & Peanut Butter Blizzards

Cake Pops

Red Velvet, Chocolate Milk Chocolate & Cookies & Cream


Mini Tasting Cups with Berries & Cream, Mocha Mousse in Chocolate Cups

& Mango Mousse & Served in Petit Cups with Tiny Spoons

Tray Passed Desserts


Shot Glasses of Ice Cold Milk

Served with Teenie Weenie Chocolate Fudge Brownies & M & M Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows with Toasted Coconut

Coffee Station Inside

Gourmet Decaf Coffee & Teas