American Horror Story Q & A

Posted on April 23, 2012

horror-jpgIt was a “Frightful” evening as the cast of American Horror Story Showed up at the Academy of Television and Motion Pictures of Arts and Science for a Q & A of the past season and what is to come for the second. With stars such as Jessica Lange, Dylan Mcdermott, Ryan Murphy, Zachary Quinto and Connie Britton there was never a dull moment. The festivities began with the cast making their way down the red carpet as all the members enjoyed wonderful bites of chicken pistachio eyeballs (meatballs) sautéed in a pomegranate glaze, blood orange tarragon chicken on top of a brown rice cake and beef chorizo on top of a manchego cheese savory cupcake just to name a few. Ending with a sweet note we served sea salt dusted chocolate dipped pretzels and kiwi cheesecake bites. To add to the theme of horror we passed out the “Killer Cocktail” mixed with Patron’s new vodka Ultimat, making a scary cocktail turn into the most shockingly delicious drink of the evening.